Aeration and Pond Supplies

Bring a tarp or a blanket to cover your fish.

It is ESSENTAIL to keep your fish cool and dark. If it’s an exceptional hot day, bring ice to pack around the bags.

Fish bags lay about 3 feet long and are inflated to 1 foot high with oxygen. Make sure there is nothing around the bags that can rub and poke a hole in the bag letting the oxygen and water out of the bags.

Cost for bagging fish is $2.50 per bag. You can also bring a water tank with an air diffuser or oxygen tank if you so choose for no charge. This is a great option for large orders.

Fish should be removed from bags within 4 hours (as long as they are kept cool and dark). For longer trips bring ice and let us know so we can pack the fish accordingly.

Fish bags loaded in back of a truck. A tarp will then be pulled over bags to keep the fish dark.

Transporting fish takes a lot of space. Customers are always surprised with the amount of room it takes.